About Us

Kamena, based in Cairo, Egypt, was established in 1976 as a privately owned company specialized in the research, creation, manufacture, development and distribution of tailor – made food flavors & colors, seasonings and fragrances.

Since 1987, Kamena started establishing its consumer products line, a wide range of products that continued to grow, aiming to meet the needs of working women in particular and the family in general. The consumer products line consists of a number of categories, namely, time – saving savory blends, household detergent products and toiletries including hair care, skin care and bath & shower foam.

Our Goal is to create and supply quality products to the customers and consumers that can compete more effectively in an ever expanding market. Also, to supply them with technical assistance and support their needs to bring up winning new products to the market place swiftly and successfully. We achieve this by investing more and more on research and development which empowers us to provide our customers with the most innovative and value for money products.

Kamena has carefully chosen the best International Manufacturers and Suppliers to provide the highest quality raw materials for its ever-increasing range of Industrial and Consumer Products. All raw materials have been thoroughly selected and inspected for compliance with the highest quality standards and are subject to rigid control till they have passed our demanding assurance standards.

Kamena achieved a unique position to supply and expand its list of satisfied national and international customers by using the technical know-how, the most modern laboratories, state of art production technology and the rigorous quality control and assurance programs … All insure that high standards are maintained.

Kamena has been accredited for ISO 9001 Quality Management System including HACCP Requirements in order to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations to achieve consistent performance and service that meets customer needs.

Kamena, with all the manufacturing requirements in place, is capable of producing, providing and working in conjunction with major international customers with the attentive service and efficient delivery ever by means of our professional and well – trained staff. Also, the high production capacity, in line with a versatile work-force, gives the company a proven ability to deliver on time.