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Sugar Match is a Zero Calorie Sweetener composed of Aspartame,
Ace-Sulfame-k., Lactose. Sugar Match tastes like sugar with no
after taste and Zero Calories. It does not contribute to tooth decay. Aspartame has been tested for more than 3 decades in more than 200 studies, All having the same result: Aspartame is 100% safe.

Aspartame has got the approval of: FDA, WHO, FAO and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA).
Sugar Match
is used as:
(1)Zero Calorie Sweetener in diabetic patients with no effect on blood sugar level.

(2)As a part of weight management programs.
The Acceptable Daily Intake: 40-50mg/kg/body weight/day i.e. up to 80 sachets Of Yello Sugar Match /day or 160 of Green Sugar Match sachets /day
.P.S. for Phenylketonurics, it contains Phenyl Alanine