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Carpet Shampoo

The effortless and easy way To clean and remove grease, stains and spots from your carpet, upholstery, furniture & clothes.
Fast is a high foam, concentrated carpet shampoo easily miscible with water. Fast works by absorbing dirts and lifting stains as it dries to powder. The powder and dirt are easily brushed or vaccumed away.

Disinfectant, Sanitizer & Deodorizer

Now you can disinfect, sanitize & deodorize your bathrooms, walls, floors, fabrics, clothes, and utensils WITH ONE PRODUCT. Fast is a concentrated Disinfectant, Sanitizer and Deodorizer liquid that can be easily rinsed after use . It can be used alone or added to other detergents to clean and disinfect at the same time, removing unrequired odours and leaving a great mild scent.

All Fast Packs Have A Pull-Push Cap For Convenience Of Use.